Here in the Borderland, our only venomous snake is very reclusive and typically warns before striking! 

Peeps still get bit though and it's not pleasant. Rattlesnake venom destroys tissue so, the bites are not only deadly ... they freakin' hurt! To avoid being bitten, keep these tips in mind.  If you do get bit:

      • Stay calm and try to keep your heart rate down.
      • Clean the bite area.
      • Clean the wound itself and cover it.
      • Remove rings, jewelery, tight clothing, etc
      • Immobilize the bite area and, if possible, put a splint on it.
      • Keep the bite area/splint below heart level.

Get to a doctor ASAP and let 'em know you're coming, as they'll need to get antivenin ready. If you can bring the snake, do so but don't risk another bite, or injury catching it. (It's helpful but, not necessary. If you do bring it, be sure it's safely contained.) For more detailed treatment steps, click here.

Those are the "do's", here are the "dont's":

  • Don't cut the wound or try sucking the venom out of the wound.
  • Don’t use a tourniquet or ice on the wound.
  • Don’t drink alcohol or caffeine.
  • Don't run or exert yourself.

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