Spooky season is in full swing and I am loving all the spooky things available to watch this month. If you need some inspiration on what to watch this spooky season check out some of the lists I've curated for this joyous holiday season like: 10 Great Halloween Movies that Actually Take Place on HalloweenMy Guide to What's Worth Streaming in October and Five Great Horror Movies to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

With all the gore and terror, I almost forget that not everyone loves horror movies as much as I do. Take Lisa for instance; she doesn't like horror movies. I was surprised, however, that she took the time to watch (and actually enjoyed) "Trick R' Treat"- one of the greatest Halloween movies made! Nevertheless, not many will enjoy all the horror movies I've suggested. That's okay, because there are some great movies that- despite not being horror or Halloween related- still have some great Halloween scenes. If you're looking for some movies that aren't totally scary but still have some of the Halloween spirit, then might I suggest the following:

1. Mean Girls

"Mean Girls" is hilarious, and shows you the dangerous world of teenage girls (which is probably scary to some). The movie goes through an entire school year and Cady (Lindsay Lohan) shows us how Halloween is celebrated in "girl world". It also gives us one of my favorite quotes: "I'm a mouse... duh!"

2. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

If non-scary witches and wizards are your jam, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" is perfect for both adults and children. I'm not sure how Halloween is celebrated at Hogwarts but it looks awesome- aside from the troll in the dungeon!

3. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

I've mentioned this one before (it's on one of my prior lists) but that Halloween scene is great! E.T. gets his first taste of a Halloween on Earth and it's just a great moment. The movie is perfect for the whole family.

4.The Karate Kid

Buzz mentioned on the show today that for our next Halloween parade we should dress up as the members of Cobra Kai Dojo in their skeleton Halloween costumes; which sounds awesome! This scene, although a little violent, showcases some great costumes- a shower and the skeleton costumes. Also, "Cobra Kai" is a great show and you should be watching that.

5. Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

This is a sad Halloween scene. Willy Wonka gets his candy taken by his dentist father. But then, Willy finally gets a taste of candy and it forever changes his life.

6. Ed Wood

Imagine you're trick-or-treating and you come to a house only to see that it's Bela Lugosi's house and he's dressed as Dracula?! A great scene between two unlikely friends, the worst director ever and a washed up actor.

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