While Universal Studios announced they would be canceling their Halloween Horror Fest this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Six Flags theme park will be doing the exact opposite. Last month, Universal Studios theme parks regretfully announced that the Florida theme park would not be having their annual  "Halloween Horror Nights," according to Orlando's 13 News. Many fans were sad to learn the Halloween favorite wouldn't be returning in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic but another theme park says their Halloween events are a-go.

Six Flags theme parks will be holding Halloween events according to Los Angeles Daily News but will be making some changes due to the pandemic. Six Flags began celebrating Halloween with their first Fright Fest event in 1986 at Six Flags Astroworld in Houston. Since then, the celebrations spread to the other Six Flags properties and have become one of the most popular events held at the theme parks each year. When Universal Studios canceled their Halloween events, scare enthusiasts feared Six Flags might follow suit. Instead, Six Flags theme parks announced they would be replacing their traditional "Fright Fest" bring fans a new socially-distanced scare event named "Hallowfest." There aren't a lot of details regarding these events yet, but they are giving hope to those who believed there wouldn't be any theme parks celebrating Halloween this year.

According to the Daily News, Hallowfest will take place on select dates in September and October at open Six Flags in Oklahoma, Georgia, Texas, Missouri, Maryland, and New Jersey. To attend, you must purchase advanced reservations since there will be limited capacity at these events and some normal attractions won't be there. Normally, Fright Fest has indoor mazes and haunted houses for guests, but this year there will be outdoor haunted trails and scare zones. This will allow the theme park to keep in line with safety and health measures recommended by the CDC.

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