For years I was not a wine drinker. I always deemed it a drink that tired moms drank on the weekends when they would have "girls night." Meanwhile, my girls night consisted of mainly gay men and vodka. I wasn't a mom who drank wine, I was a young woman in her 20's who loved to party with her friends and vodka was my drink of preference. That all changed when I fell in love with a wine named Stella Rosa, it's delicious. Maybe it's the fact that I got older and my palette changed, or maybe I just never really gave wine a chance.

"Shower wine" is a phrase I'd never heard; I'd heard of "shower beer" by many of my military friends. And no, shower wine does not refer to wine made of shower water, it's just wine you drink in the shower. I've always seen movies where someone would be taking a bath and have a glass of wine but I've always wondered "what if I just want a shower but a nice glass of Stella to accompany me?" Apparently I wasn't the only one because Urban Outfitters has designed a wine glass holder you can take to the shower with you. That's right, for $15 you can now take your shower and take sips in between loofah scrubs! What a genius idea!

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