El Paso is full of talent & lately there has been a spike in artists recording music videos or performing virtual concerts. If you're an artist WITH a music video or a video of you performing, All In El Paso wants to see it!

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Denise & Oscar Oropeza and Julio Ortega founded All In El Paso back in 2019 & since then, it's grown to have a number of different shows on the channel; one being the local late night show  "The Night Shift' hosted by Julio Ortega.

Every week they would bring in a guest along with a musical artist. In 2019 they would record an interview & a live concert in the studio. In fact I remember being there in person when they filmed the episodes with Feline Fox & Soul Parade. But last year, they started conducting video interviews & artists can submit a video of themselves performing (You can see all the past episodes on Facebook) They've featured artists like Sam y Marx, Elia Esparza, Allway Drive & Coco Butter (who's been featured on Q Connected) was on the show this past Tuesday.

If YOU'RE a music artist, you can have YOUR music video featured on All In El Paso for The Night Shift. If you don't have a music video of your band performing, that's ok. You're more than welcome to send a video recording of your band or yourself performing live (as long as it's somewhat professional sounding). If you want more information for the show, you can contact All In El Paso or the host Julio Ortega himself.

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