As a woman who has been on the receiving end of nudes from males I can tell you, guys don't get that creative. Women, on the other hand can be artists when it comes to sending sexy pictures. Just a little tip, though, gentlemen, don't ask for nudes if you're not in a relationship with the woman; let her offer first. Another tip, because I'm looking out for you guys, don't just send her pictures of your wang if she didn't ask for them! Nothing is more frightening than opening up a message and seeing that!

Anyway. In a relationship sexting can be fun and healthy for you. But if it's good for a relationship, what could be so bad about it? When you send a picture that clearly wasn't intended for your partner and then they realize it! An email was sent to a radio friend of mine and it read:

"The other night my boyfriend and I were sending steamy text messages back and forth. My boyfriend asked me to send him a sexy picture. I wasn't at home at the time so I sent him one from a year ago. We weren't even dating yet. He could tell by my hair color that it was a picture from before we were together. It was obvious a sexy picture I took for someone else. He figured that out and got really upset. He told me that it was really disrespectful and that I should delete the sexting photos I took for someone else. I refused and we got into a big fight. Whose side are you on?​"

As a woman who considers herself a feminist, I say: "Don't tell her what to do with her nudes!" She is free to use her nudes however and whenever she pleases. The other part of me was curious though and I thought: "WHO THE HECK KEEPS OLD NUDES FROM PREVIOUS RELATIONSHIPS??" Another question: Do you just keep the old nudes in your regular photo gallery? Like, they're just there ready for you to use at any given time? What if someone stumbled upon them? Did she think her partner wasn't going to notice? Inquiring minds want to know.

Whose side are you on?