Last week, the news broke that El Paso Independent School District and Ysleta Independent School District would have a surplus of desk available and the community responded enthusiastically. While Ysleta ISD put out specific rules that desks were only available to parents of students of YISD, EPISD did not have the same rules. Plus, each student was only allowed one desk from YISD while EPISD allowed 5 desks to be purchased per household. Before the sale of the surplus desks had even begun, there were over 600 people already in line to purchase desks. The district put out a notice on their social media pages that unless you were already in line for a desk, you most likely weren't going to get one. Still, even those who waited in line found the desks were gone in just a few hours. Even though the district was trying to do a good thing by selling the desks at a very low-cost, many parents were fuming at the desk sale. Many asked on social media why the desks were being sold, instead of being donated to students in need. According to the press release from EPISD, state laws don't allow the gifting of items purchased with public funds.

After the desks were all sold, people were quick to spot the EPISD desks on various second-hand selling websites for as much as $20. Doesn't sound like much but the desk was only $3 through the district. This enraged a lot of people, especially those who waited in line and weren't able to get one. When the El Paso Independent School District Facebook page began being bombarded by upset parents and community members, the district responded telling people there were only 600 desks for sale and they were open for the public to purchase, not just students or parents from EPISD.

"We had 600 desks for sale. This also was a community sale and not limited to EPISD. Like our other surplus sales."

Still, it looks like we're going to be selling these desks pop up on different marketplaces for some time in the near future. The question is, do you think those in the community who bought desks they don't need or took more than necessary should feel bad about their actions?

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