Another school district is trying to help El Paso kids by offering desks they can take home and own.Earlier this week, we found out that El Paso Independent School District would be holding a desk sale on Saturday where parents could go and purchase desks for their children to help them have a designated spot to learn from home at. Many parents were excited about this idea and the fact the desks would be available at such a low cost to parents who, due to the coronavirus pandemic, suddenly found themselves having to outfit a room in their home like a classroom. While the desks from EPISD would be sold to parents for $3, Ysleta Independent School District is also doing its part to assist parents in the Borderland who need a designated spot for their children to learn from. But this time, they're free.

Starting Friday, August 27th at 7 a.m., the Ysleta Independent School District will be giving away desks, at no cost. Desk are available on a first-come, first-serve basis to any parents that have students enrolled in YISD. To prove your child attends a YISD school, please bring a printed out copy of your child's enrollment in YISD or have a digital copy available to be viewed on your phone. Only one desk will be given per student and the parent must be able to load and unload the desks into their vehicles without assistance. The desks will be available for pickup at South Loop Elementary School, located at 520 Southside Road. All those attending the desk giveaway must wear a face mask and adhere to the state's social distancing guidelines. The district says they are doing this to try and help ease the transition to online learning, which has been difficult for some in the community. Hopefully, having a desk can give your student some sort of normal environment to learn in while we are stuck in an extremely abnormal time. For more information on the desk giveaway, please contact the Ysleta Independent School District.

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