As if most concerts being postponed wasn't already a huge bummer, now Shinedown has officially canceled all their 'Deep Dive' tour dates, including their intimate El Paso performance at the Plaza Theatre.

We are sorry to inform those who did purchase tickets of even won some with us that this is happening. For those who did purchase tickets, you can receive a refund and Shinedown is helping get that information out on their Twitter account:

El Pasoans were excited about this performance not only because they are dedicated fans to Shinedown, but it was going to be such a small, unique performance. I was looking forward to rocking out to an acoustic versions of their hits and covers, plus probably some surprises. Now I will have to stay in suspense until they can safely return to El Paso.

Shinedown is all about protecting their fans, so they are doing what is safe and right at this time. You can stay connected to the latest El Paso concert updates by downloading the FREE 95.5 KLAQ app on your smart phone or any smart device. Follow us on Facebook and Like us on Instagram to read some awesome articles form your favorite on-air personalities. We appreciate you still rocking with KLAQ!

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