Shattered Sun have some words of encouragement for the band(s) recently stiffed by a  "promoter" working in and around El Paso.

It's become pretty clear around the Borderland who the son of a bitch is and, to that individual, I say this: I doubt you'll ever change your ways but, you better find another fishing hole. Word's out on you Ese and Texas bands don't take things like this lightly.

To the bands, I say this. Be careful!! Ask for proof of things and don't be blinded/dazzled by big promises. There will be some costs, and this business is risky, but there are honest peeps out there who will help and guide you.

My friends in Shattered Sun had the same thing happen to them once. Same general description, same set-up, same demands, same promises, same outcome. (They're from Texas too ... Alice ... so, it sure sounds like the same guy.)  Their story, fortunately, didn't end there.

Photo, Facebook/Shattered Sun
Photo, Facebook/Shattered Sun

Luckily, they were taken under the wing of another band and shown how it all really works. Today, they're doing fine and have a new record on the way.  Despite an almost crushing start, they recovered. They were bitter, angry and on the brink of giving up but, the dream was stronger than the BS. They wrote something to me in an email and, with their permission, I'm sharing it here for all the brothers and sisters I call the "Local Locos".

It's important for these bands to know that just because things like this happen doesn't mean that you have to break down and completely break up because Lord knows that's what almost happened us.   In a way it feels like karma came back around and did us both a favor.  We caught a break and hopefully that guy's caught an asswhooping because he has  moved away out of the (Alice) area again. - Marcos, Shattered Sun

Be careful but, don't be scared. It is, after all, "a long way to the top".

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