has listed it's top 10 New Mexico bars and 2 of them are right in here in our own backyard.

The closest one to El Paso, coming in at #7, is a legendary spot that has been listed on New Mexico’s Register Of Cultural Properties ... the one and only, Chope's! (Read more) The other one from here in our area, taking 3rd place, is Azul Ultra Lounge in Las Cruces.

Bars on the list that are within a couple of hundred miles of El Paso were "Win, Place or Show" in Ruidoso and the "No Scum Allowed" bar in White Oaks, near Silver City.  I've never been to "Win, Place" but, "No Scum Allowed" is pretty cool.

Of all the places mentioned here and on the complete list though, Chope's is my favorite. Great food, cold beer and a perfect place to chill when riding ... ok, or driving ... along Highway 28!

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