If you're up for a little road trip, one of the most beautiful ones in the lone star state starts in the west Texas town of El Paso.

The second biggest state in the union covers a lot of ground, crisscrossed by roadways that will take you through gorgeous country and offer breathtaking views.

One such journey starts where Texas ends. Or begins, depending on how you look at it.

World Atlas just posted a list of the most scenic road trips to take in Texas.

It features routes that run all over Texas and the first one on the list starts in El Paso and takes you about 300 miles east.

At first, you just see miles and miles of desert and the distant mountains of Mexico as you travel down I-10.

The farther you go though, the better it gets as you head for Big Bend National Park.

Experience the true Old West of the United States on this epic road trip through Far West Texas. The route from El Paso to Big Bend National Park is approximately 292 miles and takes around 4.5 hours when driving straight through, but there are plenty of exciting stops along the way.  - worldatlas.com

Travel anywhere in Texas and you will see some wonderful things and amazing places no matter where you're going but Big Bend is extra special.

Along the way you'll also find some very cool places to stop and amazing things to see, like:

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There's more but I don't want to give away too much.

Gas up your car, (or get on your bad motor scooter and ride), grab that special somebody and hit the road.

Trust me, World Atlas is soooo right about this one.

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