After witnessing two semi-trucks crash and block the exit to New Brunswick, a motorist decided to take a video of the crash. He only recorded the video to pass time as he waited for the scene to be cleared, but ended up recording his own near-death experience.

On Sunday, it was reported that about 400 traffic collisions happened across the state of New Jersey. Black Ice was the biggest contributor to all these crashes. As this motorist counts his lucky stars for not being involved in that crash, he turns around and sees a semi-truck coming right at him.

Lady Luck must have been in the passenger seat, because the semi-truck just misses him! The video wasn't in slow motion, but I think the shock of the truck coming straight at the camera, plays a great mind trick on you.

Before you get upset about the guy filming the whole accident, he did stop recording to call 911 and waited for police to arrive at the scene, before taking off.

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