Poor judgment on the part of a minor resulted in a crash outside a car meet-up a Cascade Park this past weekend.

A few videos of the crash made their way across social media platforms by Saturday night.

According to Sgt. Jason McAmbley, Public Information Officer for the Bangor Police Department, it was just after 7 PM, Saturday night, when a 17-year-old boy driving a 2010 Ford Mustang, registered to his parents, crashed into a 2017 Chevy Tahoe that was traveling along route 1A towards Veazie.

"The male over-accelerated to do a burn out, lost control, crossed the center line and hit another vehicle."

McAmbley said the minor will face some charges for the impulsive move, including "Driving to Endanger, Failure to Maintain Control of a Motor Vehicle, and Failure to Display a Current/Valid Certificate of Inspection."

Area car club, Bangor Car Meets, addressed the crash later on in the weekend, taking to their Facebook Page to remind people that in this situation, the individual did not follow the rules:

"NO BURNOUTS, NO REVVING/2-STEP, No loud music". 

They explained that those rules exist to prevent situations like the one that took place over the weekend from happening at all. And while they'd like to believe the boy learns from his mistake and the consequences that resulted from the decisions he made and the action he took, they hope he and everyone else, can move beyond it.

"At Bangor Car Meets we do not condone the behaviors of the young man and yes we are in fact very disappointed and frustrated beyond belief...On Bangor Car Meets end it goes without saying that in the future this individual will not be allowed at meets in the future.  It also goes without saying that meets will be taking a hiatus until we can find further ways to ensure the safety of not only our meets but now the surrounding areas outside of meet grounds."

Neither the occupants of the Mustang nor the occupants of the car it collided with were injured in Saturday's crash.

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