After waiting for over a month, the day is finally here! Jon Stewart and Dave Chapelle are in El Paso this weekend but many have questions about the no phone policy. Don't worry, we have the answers for you. Many musicians, comedians and other live events have decided they want to make sure you're fully invested in the moment by making them phone-free zones. But that doesn't necessarily mean leave your phone in the car.

Enter, the Yondr case. Yondr has been around since 2014 and they have been changing the game when it comes to people's attention during live events since. With the Yondr case, a person is able to be fully engaged with whatever activity or performance their watching, without the distraction of phone calls, text messages, notifications, alerts and more. The idea of being without your phone can be scary but the great thing about Yondr is your phone stays on you throughout the entire performance!

Here's how the Yondr case works, as you enter the venue your phone will be placed in the small, green and gray Yondr case. Once your smart devices are inside the Yondr case, the case will be locked and it will be given to you to keep during the performance. If you feel the need to check your smart devices, simply walk out of the theater to one of the Yondr bases to unlock your Yondr case. You can then grab your phone or smart watch and check for any messages or phone calls you may have missed. Once your done, simply put your smart devices back into the Yondr case and re-lock it and head back in to enjoy the rest of your phone-free evening. Your phone and other smart devices never leave your possession and you don't have anyone going through your phone. If you want to see the Yondr case in action, check out the demonstration video above.

Many live events are now using the Yondr cases to the delight of performers, musicians, comedians and more. Here's what Dave Chapelle had to say about having a phone-free performance area:

"People actually watch the show, they’re in the moment and they’re vastly more fun to speak to."

Dave Chapelle and Jon Stewart are performing this weekend at the Abraham Chavez theater. If you have more questions about the Yondr case check out their website.


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