If you remembered watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, you know that Jon has mentioned Texas a few times on the show; usually when it comes to local politicians. On one episode back in 2015, not only did Jon do a segment about some crazy theories people were coming up with in Texas involving our very own soldiers, but he even included a clip of Fort Bliss, Texas in that very same segment.

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When did Jon Stewart talk about Ft Bliss on The Daily Show?

While doing the show in May of 2015, Jon did a segment called "Fear and Absent Danger". In that segment, he talked about how some Texas citizens were concerned that the local military forces were "training for martial law"... they weren't. In fact, the soldier they featured to explain WHAT the military was ACTUALLY doing was Lt. General James Helmly.

Comedy Central via YouTube
Comedy Central via YouTube

The exercise was called Operation Roving Sands; a training exercise at Ft Bliss for soldiers to practice a "real-world" simulation of air & ground movement to make sure soldiers were ready if they have to prepare for a real life invasion or if they get deployed overseas.

You can find the entire segment uploaded by Comedy Central down below.

And what Jon said about these exercises have been going on for years", he's true. It's been a practice since the 1980s; you can find footage of the same exercise from 1994 on YouTube. You can even find the clip of Lt. General James Helmly that was featured in The Daily Show online too in its entirety.

This wouldn't be the last time that Ft Bliss would appear on tv; one of the presenters from Top Gear, Richard Hammond, even filmed a segment where he destroyed a car with a tank for his show Richard Hammond's Crash Course.

I was surprised that Jon Stewart even showed Ft Bliss on his shows many years after the episode aired. We would see him perform stand up comedy alongside Dave Chappelle back in 2018; let's hope he comes back, or brings us up on his shows again.

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