OnlyFans creators who shared sexually explicit content in trade for your money can continue to do so. This whole big mess started all because of the banks not wanting to do business with OnlyFans. After the ban announcement a week ago users and the over 2 million creators reacted real quick.

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Because of the creators calling the bank's bluff, now they can continue to proceed with how they choose to use OnlyFans. The company decided to reverse the ban on sharing sexually explicit content. Clearly, this is a perfect example of why speaking up plays a major role. Yahoo! News went into depth about this whole big conflict that started last week.

Not only are the content creators are rejoicing but the users as well. OnlyFans was a big help when it came to making a living during uncertain times, the pandemic. People's hours were cut or for some, worse, they were let go. OnlyFans was a safe way of making a living during a pandemic since you don't have physical contact with people. All it is is you and your digital gear in a room working to pay those bills.

The pandemic for dancers made what they do at an adult nightclub risky business. Clearly, dancers can't exactly give lap dances when they're supposed to stay 6 feet apart. But with OnlyFans, dancers could share their content of a virtual lap dance.

But as some people say it's better than having nothing at all. You can continue to see Miss Bun of Justice who you remember as former Officer Zendejas from Live PD do her thing. So, this coming October 1st, content creators on OnlyFans can share whatever it is they feel like sharing with their viewers.

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