Saving Abel has been to El Paso and kicked our asses before, and you can check out some of the video here from Balloonfest. Their new CD "Bringing Down The Giant" came out on July 17th. They've signed to eOne, a new label, and have begun adding more influences from their roots in Mississippi, and yes, that includes some country music in there.

"I love country music!" Saving Abel singer Jared Weeks tells Noisecreep. "A lot of it has to do with my voice. A lot of these rock bands... they scream from the bottom of their belly and if I did that, I'd be hoarse for a couple of days. I've always been around country music. I've got one of those tenor voices and I think we could cross over into country. And we're going to try. We're going to release a song called 'I'd Do It Again' which is more like a country song off the new album."

via Noisecreep

I'll withhold any comments on the coming country single until I hear it. Until then, enjoy the rock that is the title track to Saving Abel's latest CD.