We've all seen how popular twerking is in Russia, but teenagers twerking in a Winnie The Pooh themed dance is where we draw the line. 

Dance companies in Russia like Fraules Dance have turned twerking from something we have seen done in strip clubs, to something women in the country take classes to become good at. This video shows not grown women, but teenagers twerking in a Winnie The Pooh inspired number.

In the beginning of the video, you see someone dressed up as a bear, looking longingly into an empty pot of honey. The music then turns into a loud dub step beat and young girls swarm the stage like bees. Next thing you see, the girls are twerking in short skirts, thigh high socks with tiny booty shorts underneath. They dance extremely provocatively onstage, even getting on all four at times to hump the stage.

This video spread like wildfire on the internet, being viewed over 18 million times since it was uploaded on Sunday. There was outrage in Russia over the young females dancing so provocatively and now a criminal investigation has been launched to look into the school that choreographed the routine. The Credo School, where the dance was taught, was temporarily shut down while authorities investigated the dance school.

Many expressed their distaste with the seductive dancing, while some defended the school, saying it is the popular dance style right now. The State News Agency RIA Novosti stated that the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation initiated a probe into the performance to provide a “legal evaluation of the actions of the owners and the controlling entity of this dancing school."

Authorities in the city have now formed a special committee to evaluate all cultural and performance arts in the city to make check for anything inappropriate. An emergency meeting with the school and parents has also been held to discuss the performance and see how they can make sure another performance like this doesn't happen again. The school said they beta teaching a twerking class after students requested it, but stopped the class in February.