There is a rumor going around that Sunland Park Mall may gain a Costco. Of course, this is only hearsay but some people have been talking. Apparently, word has it that Costco will be opening a location on the Westside. It was also said that Costco will be taking over where Sears used to be. Costco already has a location in Central that is also attached to Bassett Place. For those that have a Costco membership who live on the Westside can really benefit from this rumor. After all, Sam's has locations all over El Paso like the Westside, Northeast, East, and far Eastside. You know it is true when people say it's all about location. It's always exciting news when you hear the store you're a member at is going to be moving closer to you. Whether you are a member or not at Costco, take the poll below if you're also hoping this rumor is true.

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