Ok, getting older sucks right? Maybe Not! Depending on the life you've led it can either catch up to you or leave you alone. Thank God, the genes in my family keep me looking very youthful.

Most of the time people seem to age fairly well, but if that artist was let's say into "extracurricular activities" they way look older than originally thought. It sucks that the lifestyle that anything in life has to offer can make or break their appearance. Kids drugs are bad, very, very bad. The one person on the list of what the hell happened is my friend, Sebastian Bach. Ok this guy looked so much like a chick it's no wonder he was the pretty boy of the late 80's. Not now. Drugs are bad, very bad. Sebastian recently released his first biography, and while he admits to drug use he didn't admit to it all.

So I guess we should high five all the ones who survived the debauchery of their success. See if your favorite's aged well or horribly!