When geeks decide to build a band, they seriously "build" a band!! (and I'm not talking Rush here!)

Meet Compressorhead, the worlds "heaviest" metal band!  Yep, they're all robots and they all really play their own instruments.  (Of course the drummer, Stickboy, does have a slight advantage over mere human drummers. He's got 4 arms!)

Fingers (guitar) and Bones (bass) round out the band (They're still looking for a singer. Apparently not even robots can get that Lemmy growl/wheeze/snarl thing right!!)

Their set list is pretty cool ... they also do AC/DC, Sabbath, Zeppelin and The Ramones!

The best part?  For once guys, we don't have to constantly watch our girls around the band!  Keep an eye on your motorcycle however! ;)

(Though they may seem a tad noisy in the video below, they're already better than some of the human bands I've seen in my day!)

They're already booked for Australias "Big Day Out Festival"!  I wonder if I can get them for Balloonfest 2013!?

I bet their tour rider is pretty tame.  Some motor oil, a little WD-40 maybe.  Some chrome polish.......

And now ... for the uninitiated ... here's the real thing!



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