Pro-marijuana advocates are pulling out all the tricks to help legalize marijuana, especially in Ohio. ResponsibleOhio has created a very unique mascot to help spread the word of the great opportunity it will be for Ohio if they vote to legalize the pleasure plant in the November elections.

"Buddie" is the newest creation of ResponsibleOhio, a superhero who wears a cape and has a head in the form of a marijuana bud. His facial expression shows a smirk as he flashes his abs of steel, and you can tell he is going to be grabbing tons of attention during pro-marijuana campaign stops.

Of course, even as adorable the character is, not everyone is loving him -- especially parents. They think it's a very questionable choice to make the mascot a cartoon superhero. Ohioans Against Marijuana Monopolies spokesperson Theresa Daniello believes the mascot is inappropriate and aimed toward children.

Faith Oltman, spokesperson for ResponsibleOhio, says Buddie's purpose is to travel around college campuses and spread the love of the wacky tobaccy to let them know about the group's "21 and up club." Do you think this mascot is great for college kids or more towards young kids?

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