Watching this cartoon of Scott Ronson ranting about the previous staff leaving food around NEVER gets old! Also, the cartoon TOTALLY screams Scott from the hair to his facial and physical features.

Everyone that met or knew Scott, couldn't hate him but just love at how straight forward he was. Scott never tried to play the Willy Wonka role (sugar coating) his thoughts and beliefs. Yeah, okay so his blunt verbal communication had a few cuss words in there but his way of ranting ALWAYS made you laugh. Hopefully he's looking down (probably saying) "bout time b*tches" but of course feeling proud of the staff. Thanks to Scott, we (maybe you do as well) now verbally share "I ain't your b*tch, b*tch!" little things that keep his spirit alive.

In case you're wondering how it is now, well Scott really got his word through and haven't had this issue since.