If you have attended Generation 2000 in the past then you know how fun it is. I still fondly remember attending many years ago when I was a child. The location I remember visiting Generation 2000 was when it was held at the Convention Center. Over the years their locations have changed from the Convention Center to the County Coliseum and then to The Outlet Shoppes at El Paso. I was talking to a friend about the things I enjoyed there the most.

We both agreed on the same two things which were the games and performances. The game I always enjoyed playing when I was a child was the Jello game. You would have to fish out a prize from a pool of Jell-O. The second admiration we had for Generation 2000 was for their performances. I remember attending in 2010 and catching a talented group on stage that you can see above thanks to Racingblood82. Once things clear up and we can get back to living, would you hope to see Generation 2000 return? Place your two cents in the poll down below.

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