Like most of you who grew up in the 80's, we didn't have the internet, but we had really cool toys! Some of my best memories of being a kid was all thanks to the toys I had growing up. Not only were these toys awesome but in the afternoon's their cartoons would play and life couldn't be better!

I remember when I was in third grade. Yep, I do! That was when Transformer's first came out. The year was 1983. These were the coolest, cars or basically anything including dinosaurs could transform into a robot. Then along came He-man Master of the Universe!! Once again along with a cartoon show this truly was a great time to be a kid. I had them all GI Joe,Voltron, Star Wars the list goes on and on!

Whenever I take my little girl to a toy store she seems to appreciate toys in all their glory. She does have her favorites and it is truly a blessing to watch her play. Never let go of the fun time being a kid was, it only comes around once!