Who knew fried chicken could be so sexy?

Ramses Hatem attempted to win a YouTube competition by entering this crazy video for a chance to win a collaboration with YouTuber CaELiKe. Unfortunately, she didn't win but now this video has become the internet's new obsession.

Hatem decided to come up with a catchy song called, "Real Girls Like Fried Chicken" to poke fun at over sexed-up videos. I think fried chicken should be added to all sexy videos. Better yet, have girls put a greasy piece of chicken on their twerking booty! Miley Cyrus can test it!

Even though Hatem didn't win, she has 267,157 views so far. She is also spreading her message of what women really love to eat. It's not about salad, it's about delicious fried chicken.

I can only imagine how her life will change as she continues to become 'internet famous' from her dirty chicken dance. I would like to dedicate this song to Fernie, the true advocate for greasy chicken lovers.

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