Listening to some singers who sound like they need to goob up some serious lung oysters at the end of their shows, you come to appreciate the pipes of someone like Queensryche's Geoff Tate.

The man's in his fifties yet his voice still sounds like he'd been cryogenically frozen from when Nirvana yanked the rug out from under Rock-as-we-knew-it, and preserved for a time when we could again appreciate the best bands from the 1980's.

Queensryche (I don't know how to insert an umlaut here) is definitely one of those bands, as evidenced by their performance at Streetfest. You might even say Tate and guitarist Michael Wilton helped shine a light on Seattle music, allowing the Grunge out of basements and garages...oh yeah, and coffeehouses...where it had been hiding.

And Tate's voice! As strong as it was back in the day -- and from Streetfest start to finish in a city with weather that would melt a normal Seattle-ite into espresso froth.

Could be that wine he had backstage, which you'll see in this gallery of pictures. No guzzling, just a few sips as Queensryche finished its great show...