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Trial Over Queensryche Name Put Off Until January 2014
It looks like the legal battle for the band name Queensryche will rage on a bit longer. According to new court records, a continuance was granted, giving ousted frontman Geoff Tate and his wife Susan, who once managed the band, until January 27, 2014 to iron out the details of their case.
Queensyrche’s Geoff Tate Rewards Hate With ‘Best Video Rant’ Contest
A little constructive criticism never hurts, but Geoff Tate is ready to confront some full-on hate head-on with a new contest. The Queensryche frontman and his reconstructed lineup are now promoting their latest effort, 'Frequency Unknown,' and have launched an interesting competition in which they're challenging haters to stand up for their opinion and film a rant about the album.
The Mud-Slinging Continues – Queensryche Fires Back at Geoff Tate’s Insults and Legal Filings
This Queensryche thing is getting uglier and uglier. A couple weeks ago, Geoff Tate launched an assault on the other members of Queensryche for kicking him out of the band. He also filed an injunction to stop them from using the band name, as he claimed he owns it. The rest of the guys have now filed their own documents to stop the injunction. (Would that be an injunction for the injunction? My on
Geoff Tate Blasts Into The Rest of Queensryche About His Firing From The Band
Last week I was talking on the air about Geoff Tate being ousted from Queensryche by the rest of the guys. They had formed a side band called Rising West with Todd La Torre from Crimson Glory and had done some shows. There were a lot of rumors flying around that Geoff was going to be out, and that he'd pulled a knife on Scott Rockenfield! What the heck is going on with Queensryche?
Queensryche Rocks Streetfest [GALLERY]
Listening to some singers who sound like they need to goob up some serious lung oysters at the end of their shows, you come to appreciate the pipes of someone like Queensryche's Geoff Tate. The man's in his fifties yet his voice still sounds like he'd been cryogenically frozen from when Nirvana yanked the rug out from under Rock-as-we-knew-it, and preserved for a time when we could again appreciat