We may not bear a strong resemblance to the North Pole but we do have some very cool traditions and attractions.

An article at springbreakfamily.com listed the top 26 cities in Texas to celebrate Christmas in and El Paso made the cut. Winterfest is one of the things that helped us make it the number 13 spot.

That, of course, takes place Downtown and this year features ice skating on real ice. (Not that synthetic stuff they tried using last year that everybody hated.) There are also many other things to do throughout Downtown, vendors to visit onsite and enough Christmas lights to make Clark Griswold tremble.

That and tamales are what made the Spring Break folks happy. Now, I must admit, the tamales around here are pretty good and very popular. We also have plenty of fat guys with beards but it takes more than that to make a desert city feel Christmassy.

Here are a couple of other ways to get your yuletide on.

The Fred Loya light show, which recently moved from the east side to Ascarate, and the Eastridge neighborhood will totally fill you with Christmas cheer. If you prefer a more winter - like climate to bring out your holiday cheer, we're only 2 hours away from Ruidoso and Cloudcroft.

Photo, Google Maps
Photo, Google Maps

Other Texas cities that made it on the Spring Break list include Dallas, Odessa, Grapevine and Amarillo.

At least Amarillo tends to have a white Christmas since they usually get some decent snowfall every winter.

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