El Paso is in full blown Halloween mode! The city is buzzing with haunts and frights!

With such wonderful buildings full of spooky history in El Paso, it's hard to believe there aren't more horror movies filmed in the Sun City (mainly because it's the tax incentives that Texas doesn't give!). Usually the movies that involve El Paso revolve around the Border and the war on drugs. Sure, there's "Glory Road" which tells the story of the late great Don Haskins, but for the most part movies that feature El Paso don't usually highlight the haunting history of the Sun City. Which is a shame, because there are so many legends and ghost stories we all grew up hearing about El Paso!

Because it's almost Halloween, so I thought it would be great to look around the Sun City to see where could a horror movie be filmed? Obviously there are some great locations that could totally be the set of a horror film. These places also happen to be great looking locations for you to take some Halloween photos.

Here are ten locations around El Paso for you to take that spooky photo perfect for the 'gram.

10 Spooky Places in El Paso That Are Perfect For Halloween Selfies

El Paso has many ghost stories and some of their locations are perfect for those Halloween photos! So, smile, you never know what will appear in your pictures! 

Remember, some of these locations are private residences (house on Silver street!) so, be courteous. And some of these locations are historic sites, like the Magoffin Home and Concordia- so also, be respectful!

For the most part, these locations are perfect for you to throw on a costume and some makeup, grab your phone- or a professional camera- and set up a mini-photo shoot with yourself or some friends!

Happy hauntings!


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