The best perk about Weddings, Quince's, or any other major occasion is the entertainment. Now by entertainment, I am referring to the people they pay to amuse the guests.

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Now a couple of years ago my son's school held a Halloween dance where there were robots on stilts with gear that lit up. All the kids at the dance were amazed by them and in line for pictures with them.

But I recently noticed the entertainment level is amping up their game. It is so huge that I had to do a double-take after coming across the evidence on my Facebook newsfeed.

A friend of mine Jeriel F. shared a picture of him with his kids and a well-known celebrity. That well-known celebrity happened to be Bad Bunny except it was the size of his head that grabbed my attention.

via Jeriel Farias Facebook
via Jeriel Farias Facebook

El Paso's generic version of Bad Bunny was spotted at someone's XV which Jeriel F. and his family got a picture with you can see above. But Bad Bunny isn't the only star you can spot at El Paso parties.

There have been some other big-headed (literally) celebrities surprising the crowd at the special event. For example, you can invite The Mask to entertain your guests at a future party you throw.

If you're not a fan of The Mask or Bad Bunny there is another celebrity you can invite which happens to be Mike Tyson. But you can see all the coolest party guests you can invite to entertain the crowd.

You can rent your guest at Robotron - LED Robots - Skywalkers Zanqueros Cabezones in El Paso. These guests will definitely have people still talking about how dope your party was.

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