Pop Evil decided to come in on the Morning Show on Tuesday, before they went to Tricky Falls to play with Stone Sour. Check out some acoustic Pop Evil.


Pop Evil is an amazing band from Grand Rapids, Michigan who we have had the pleasure of joining us at Balloonfest. This is one of the better bands in concert and they always put on a great show! We had the awesome opportunity of having them live in the studio for an interview and an acoustic set. The band did Intern Emily's favorite song, "Monster You Made," off their War of Angels disc. In her words she said, "this song's my jam!" They also performed for us their newest single off the new album "Onyx." The band described the song as the first ballad they are releasing form the new album and said it has gotten good feedback from the fans at their show.

Here is Pop Evil's acoustic version of "Torn To Pieces" 


Here is Pop Evil's acoustic version of "Monster You Made"