I have never been able to discern what Kanye West's talent is. He calls himself the most important musician of our generation but he can't sing: 

If you'll notice in that clip, he has a choir of about 20 people singing back-up. Of the 21 people on that stage 20 of them have truly beautiful voices. 

I'm told that Kanye doesn't play any instruments (sorry, I don't consider "programming beats" a musical instrument).

Well, he's GOTTA be a good rapper, right? 

OK, so there has to be some minimum bar for musical talent and I can't find it anything I've ever heard from Kanye West. In 2016, his main "talent" seems to be: starting his concerts an hour late, ranting for 20 minutes about how he's a genius like Michelangelo, and ending the show after two songs.

This brings me to my theory that Kanye is an Andy Kaufman-esque joke that is being played on the entire world.  You know how Sacha Baron Cohen went around convincing rubes that he was a guy from Kazakhstan named Borat? Well, in this analogy, Kanye is Borat and the entire world is the rubes.

Imagine it's 1996, and Jay-Z and Damon Dash have the following conversation.

JZ: You know what would be funny? Let's let Kanye put out his own record! 

DD: His own record? As in "him performing music"?? That fool can't even sing, rap or play a musical instrument.

JZ: That's what would be so funny! And, I'll bet if we hyped it enough, lots of people would think he was actually talented. 

DD: But, J, wouldn't that be kinda cruel? You know that kid isn't all together. There's a spectrum and he is definitely on it. 

JZ: C'mon, man! It'll be fun. We can make it a bet! 

DD: A bet? How much did you have in mind, Randolph? 

JZ:  One dollar, Mortimer.

(Both laugh maniacally) 

So there you go. My theory, in a nutshell, is that Kanye is the Emperor who Wore no Clothes

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