HBO's Westworld just concluded its first season last Sunday. Westworld is now the most-watched series in the history of Home Box Office. More people watched Season One of Westworld than watched the first season of The Sopranos, more than Game of Thrones...even more than Olive Kitteridge

If you were among those who watched, you know that Westworld is about a theme park full of androids that you're allowed to have sex with. You can also fight them, have conversations with them and have them take you on grand adventures trying to discover your own true nature. But mostly have sex with them. 

Here's a thought: what if Westworld is the unintentional prequel to the Terminator series?  Or even The Matrix? Oh my God...did the computers turn against us because we wouldn't stop having weird sex with them?

Here's a video to take your mind off such unpleasant possibilities. You loved Westworld? Well, you're sure to hate Kanye Westworld

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