Kanye West is back to make people uncomfortable.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it. No one really wants to hear about Kanye's antics but when weird things come from them, you can't help but be a little curious.

For this chapter of Kanye madness, he is in hot water for his new video "Famous."

The video depicts a bedroom orgy with Kanye then pans out to show him sleeping with eleven other celebrities, including his wife Kim Kardashian West, Taylor Swift, Donald Trump and even former president George W. Bush.

While celebrities in the video are starting to release comments on the video, George W. Bush reps shared one of the funniest responses to is naked image with TMZ:

In case there was any doubt ... that is not President Bush. He is in much better shape.

Confirming that it wasn't Bush in the video, it's only a matter of time before all the other celebrities come out to say it wasn't them. Like it isn't obvious, but someone needs to challenge Bush in the joke area!

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