Cats with extra toes are known as Polydactyl cats that have the cutest paws! The cats that are Polydactyl were known as cats with extra toes. This kind of condition doesn't only exist in cats. This occurs in people, dogs, and other animals. I have never in my life seen a Polydactyl cat that has an extra set of paws. A friend of mine posted a picture on her Facebook of a Polydactyl cat that plays in the yard at her mom's. My friend who is also like me has never seen a cat with extra toes. Polydactyl cats have a few different nicknames when it comes to their extra toes. One other nickname if you rather avoid the long name you can call them mitten paws. These type of cats are said to be considered lucky cats and were also loved very much by Ernest Hemingway. There is another cat that actually holds the world for most toes which is a ginger tabby named Jake. Jake has 28 toes in total on his mitten paws. But this is one cool Polydactyl cat that hangs around on the Westside of town.

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