Sometimes I'm a kid at heart and get excited when I spot things I normally don't see on the freeway. I am the type of person who gets a thrill out of seeing California or Arizona plates rolling through El Paso.

There are certain things you see that can take you back to childhood feels. I remember getting excited seeing semis hauling a few horses on the freeway. I felt a rush of excitement when I encountered something you normally wouldn't see in El Paso. My friend and I were on I-10 West when we spotted an SUV hauling a trailer full of surfboards! Other objects you rarely see traveling through El Paso usually take up almost two lanes on the freeway. I was so stoked to see an SUV hauling surfboards through El Paso which made our ride so much better.

Which type of object usually makes you do a double take when you're driving on the freeway? Take the poll below!

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