Tabasco sauce...for the lover of all things spicy, it's an absolute must to have on your food. Whether it's eggs, tacos, burgers, fries, or a Cajun dish -- it can make your food even more delicious. I'm not sure how it'd taste on the pavement, but as we saw earlier this morning on I-10 in El Paso, Texas, it can cause quite the messy situation for drivers.

Mattia Bericchia vis Unsplash
Mattia Bericchia vis Unsplash

There was tabasco sauce on I-10?

Yes, indeed there was. There was 30 GALLONS of tabasco sauce spilled in El Paso on the east side of town. As KVIA pointed out, there was a semi truck that crashed on I-10 West near the Hawkins Exit.

Thanks to one user on Instagram, there was video of emergency & clean up crews tending to the accident, which was later uploaded onto FitFam.

The comments on the tabasco spill on I-10 have been pretty hilarious

Some people weren't sure what it was exactly, until the news broke that it was indeed...tabasco sauce spilled on the highway. Here are some of the funniest, and spiciest, comments posted this morning:

  • "Someone put a little too much hot sauce on their burrito" - bunz_topher32
  • "EP needed that sauce..." - budamakesithappen
  • "The block is hot 🔥🔥🔥" - jdillaminer
Simon Hurry via Unsplash
Simon Hurry via Unsplash

Usually, when a spill like this happens on the highway it can be very serious & is typically hazardous materials like gasoline or a chemical spill. But, on occasion, you do see something a little to handle, and pretty humorous get spilled on the highway. Personally I'd think that sauce would be much better suited on food, not the asphalt. One thing is for certain, El Paso got just a little bit hotter this week.

If you want to read more stories on I-10, you can see the time it was shut down by REM for a music video here.

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