There are a few photographers here in El Paso that do these time lapse videos but this photographer Wes Eisenhauer caught one unbelievable sight! Wes didn't exactly disclose his location whether it was at his house the wilderness or what. He decided to shoot his Custer, South Dakota sky But what we do know is he is surrounded by what looks to be a mountain and several tall trees. If you're like me and takes you a few times to watch to see what exactly you're looking for just keep your eye focused on the top right. The photographer sure got lucky that night (get your mind out of the gutter) since he captured a meteor on this shoot. Now if you're wondering what exactly you are witnessing is a meteor that exploded right when it hit Earth's atmosphere. He must have felt like the bomb dot com for catching this on camera AND for making it on Right This Minute's show.

If you own a good quality camera, have the time and patience then you should shoot one of our El Paso sky to capture what we miss while we sleep.

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