Some divers decided to dive deep into the world's longest flooded cave and give you a peek! This flooded cave is believed to be in eastern Mexico and was created by two undwerwater caverns that were connected.

Guardian News published this discovery in order to shed some light on the ancient Maya civilization. If you're wondering exactly how long this flooded cave is, it's 216 miles long. The cave is known as Sac Actun and is located on the coastline of Mexico's Yucatan peninsula. It was neat to see the divers point out the decorated Yucatan peninsula with monumental relics of the Maya people. You will definitely see why they're hoping this flooded cave can gain more attention. Check out these divers glide through their travels in the longest flooded cave showing off their discovery.

If you feel you need to escape for a minute then watch these divers swim through the longest flooded cave.

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