The Vatican is investigating after the Pope's Instagram account "liked" a photo of a voluptuous Brazilian model. The official Pope Francis Instagram has some serious 'splaining to do after the account liked a risque photo posted on a Brazilian model's account. Natalia Garibotto is a 27-year-old bikini model from Brazil who was definitely blessed by God with her "assets." Barstool Sports broke the story a few days ago that the Pope's official Twitter liked a photo of Garibotto dressed up as a naughty school girl. On a video on their Twitter, you can clearly see that one of the Instagram names liking the photo is none other than Franciscus, the Pope's Instagram name.

The internet quickly lost its mind over the information with several media outlets picking up the story, and Garibotto herself got a chuckle out of the story. She retweeted the video from Barstool saying:

"At least I'm going to heaven."

The Catholic News Agency has now announced they will be investigating how the Pope's account ended up liking Garibotto's photo but honestly, is it really that big of a deal? Who honestly thinks that the 83-year-old Pope runs his own social media accounts? Is the Pope just chilling in the Vatican, scrolling through pictures and memes on Instagram before he makes a new TikTok?

 While the Catholic Church will continue the investigation, we can all just sitting thinking the story is a hilarious and honest mistake. For Natalia Garibotto, she's able to see the bright side of the controversy saying:

"My mom may hate my ass pics but the Pope be double-tapping."

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