After Biden was projected to be the 2020 presidential election winner, people around the country started celebrating by drinking and doing something way too soon. 2020 has been the year where everything has gone wrong and we keep losing people way too soon. Finally, we heard Vice-President Joe Biden became President-Elect Biden and people around the country celebrated. People popped bottles of champagne, danced in the streets, and spent the entire day in a state of pure jubilation.

The excitement and energy I can appreciate, but there's one part of the celebration I struggled with. Some people took that feel-good vibe one step further and put up their holiday decorations. Christmas trees were decorated, lights were hung from the house, and homes began to look a lot like Christmas. At first, I thought it was way too soon for that activity, but I decided to try it out for myself and put up decorations last night. I have to admit, I found myself cheerful looking at all the glitter and holiday colors filling my home. All the decorations also have a somewhat cinnamon scent which always reminds me of baking and spending time with my family. The holidays have truly arrived at my home. In the end, I'm happy I decided to decorate early. My home looks cheerful and bright and finally, something seems to be going right in 2020- the holidays are here.

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