The Seattle rockers, reacting to Planned Parenthood funding cuts, mentioned both El Paso and Midland.

Pearl Jam have helped many causes over the years. One of those causes, Planned Parenthood, is facing federal funding cuts so Pearl Jam asked fans for some help on the bands Facebook page:

"We've been wanting to do something to help since we heard about the defunding and closure of some of the more isolated clinics, like El Paso and Midland, that has resulted in women having to drive hundreds of miles for reproductive care. Planned Parenthood is being threatened with massive cuts and it's more important than ever to show our support for one of our favorite organizations."

The phone number for El Paso's east side Planned Parenthood clinic has been disconnected. A search on the Planned Parenthood website, using he 79930 zip code as a reference, shows that the nearest clinic is in Albuquerque.