If you drive an FJ Cruiser and notice a little surprise on your ride, don't freak out. Not sure if you know about the jeep thing with toy ducks being left on random jeeps in El Paso? Well, people in El Paso who drive jeeps have kept up with a tradition that is actually quite cute.

That tradition is called getting ducked and has blown up even more during Covid times. People who drive jeeps sometimes walk out to a little yellow surprise sitting on their ride. That little yellow surprise happens to be a rubber ducky that will come in all sorts of styles.

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For example, the picture below is of my friend Claudia's jeep when she got ducked. Her first note as she recalls said "Sending love when the world needs it right now" tied to a duck. The purpose of getting ducked is to spread positivity. Now there is a new tradition that recently kicked off in the borderland.

Getting Ducked in El Paso

Gabriel Moreno started a new vehicle tradition except it is for people who drive FJ Cruisers in El Paso. He created the FJ Boozer Cruiser group which is somewhat similar to Jeeps getting ducked. Except what Gabriel Moreno does is leave a mini bottle of happiness on your ride, of Jim Beam.

So now the new SUV tradition is FJ Cruisers are getting boozed by fellow FJ Cruiser drivers. So if you drive an FJ Cruiser don't freak out when you see a mini bottle of alcohol left on your ride.

FJ Boozer Cruisers

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