There is a place a lot of us would pay a quick visit to just to see the place a nugget of gold was made. Shoot, I would take the road trip with my kids in hopes that we would come across some gold.

Sounds crazy but hey you never know and it isn't a really long drive either.

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It is similar to the Las Cruces Drive from El Paso except you're visiting Orogrande, New Mexico. Just because this unincorporated community of Orogrande in Otero County has a small population means nothing since it is known for something huge.

You may be just like me and barely became aware of a small town that is between Alamogordo and El Paso called Orogrande. El Paso is just 51 miles away from Orogrande, New Mexico which isn't that bad for a quick adventure of exploration. It is all thanks to Scott Lamb who shared some pictures on a Facebook group of Wildlife and Abandoned spots in New Mexico.

Orogrande, New Mexico is where a 6.4 oz nugget of gold had been produced in 1905 hence the name, "Big Gold" which attracted a bigger population. Sadly, it didn't last long, and eventually, Orogrande's population got smaller.

American Decay - The Modern Frontiersman crew visited the ghost town of Orogrande and even give you a tour in their YouTube video above. It is crazy as you get further into the video you will see a classic pickup truck broken down and parked at some out-of-service gas pumps.

A lot of us since high school have enjoyed exploring ghost towns just for the thrill of it. So if you're up for a road trip less than an hour away from El Paso, Orogrande, New Mexico is the place.

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