Food Network queen Paula Deen is known for her sass, charm and Southern cooking.  Let's look at her other side...  On this video you will see the Southern belle pretending to perform a sex act on an eclair, among other things.  I love this woman!  She is one of my favorite TV chefs and I have tried some of her recipes.  She and I love a lot of the same things--butter, mayonnaise, and sour cream.  Not the healthiest ingredients, but certainly some of the most delicious!  And her sons are hot!  I like it when they get in the kitchen with their mama.  The outtakes from her cooking show were given to Celebrity Chef Tours, which had been planning a tour for her.  The promoter said the video wasn't family friendly and wouldn't show it to a live audience.  I know I will never watch her cook in the same way.  I will always wonder how many takes it took to get something just right!   Paula sued the promoter and his company over a bounced check, the promoter counter-sued claiming she backed out of the tour.  They recently settled, and lucky for us, he says this video is not part of the settlement and doesn't have to give it back to her!