If you don't really watch Food Network, hopefully you already knew that Chicos Tacos and KiKi's Mexican restaurant was featured on the Food Network channel. Hopefully you're curious just as much as me wondering which Mexican restaurant has more fans.

Now don't freak out or start rumors from this saying one of them is going to close because they're not. But say you were given an ultimatum and had to vote on which restaurant could stay to serve you, which would you pick? Now keep in mind the food that each restaurant has to offer you and what item you simply can't live without. Tomintexas97 uploaded the clips that featured two Mexican restaurants on a well known show.  KiKi's was featured  on the Food Network channel's Best thing I ever ate close to home for their Beef Machaca. I have NEVER tried that item but sure do love KiKi's chicken tacos! Finally, Chicos Tacos were featured as well but for Best thing I ever ate with my hands for their tacos. Chicos Tacos is loved by the sober and the drunk crowd that remains open until last call.

If these two were in a battle, who does your loyalty lay with between these two?

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