El Paso food is something that definitely needs acknowledgement! Aside from having pride in our city we have a ton of pride in our food. One of the most asked questions El Pasoans get is "Where can we get good food?" Ask any El Pasoan and you'll get different answers so when we all heard that Guy Fieri was in town immediately everyone wanted to know "WHERE IS HE GOING TO EAT?!"

El Paso is not a stranger to the Food Network. Chico's Tacos and KiKi's have made their debut on the network before and left their grease stain mark on everyone's heart. So with Fieri in town we knew that those places were out. It wasn't until Tuesday that we found out where the bright haired chef went; Kaedama.


The Ramen bus turned restaurant is an El Paso favorite. I, unfortunately, have not been to Kaedama, but I hear great things and the times I did want to go there was a huge line, so suffice it to say that it's a big deal. A visit from Guy Fieri will make it an even bigger deal.

Rumor has it that Fieri is not done in the city of the 915. Pictures have surfaced on social media of Fieri recording at Desert Oak Barbecue. Now, we've had them in the studio and the brisket is to die for! But this sparked some interest in me. Mr. Fieri has chosen some pretty good places to visit in the Sun City, but where else could he go? Aside from the usual places that are El Paso centric like L&J Cafe and Kiki's I put my personal experience to good use and came up with six other restaurants Fieri could try out!


  • Joanna Barba
    Joanna Barba

    Taqueria El Cometa

    Someone take Guy to El Cometa (preferably after 2 AM) so he could really see what El Paso is like! But in all seriousness, the flautas would be the number one reason to go!

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    The Tap

    THE. NACHOS! Can't get them like that any other place in the world (I've tried) but they are definitely an EP thing! And that salsa they give is amazing!

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    La Choza Menudazo Y Tamales

    I don't eat menudo or tamales unless they're made by my mother in my house but this place, this place makes me forget that rule! Their rajas con queso tamales are what dreams are made of and the menudo is sure to cure your hangover!

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    The Clock

    I like to think of this as the Northeast's best kept secret. Well, not really, it's usually packed. I think I've tried everything on their menu and I love it all! Their Mexican combo plates sure gives you a taste of it all but I have to say, I'm a big fan of their flautas!

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    Villa Del Mar

    This place can be found on either side of the border. Yeah, we live in Texas far away from the ocean but this place does seafood right! Their shrimp cocktails are a perfect appetizer and their black bass is delicious!

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