The 700 Club’s Pat Robertson seems to have only a casual relationship with reality. Now, this could be because of his advanced years and who’s to say he isn’t suffering from some form of dementia that affects so many seniors. If that’s the case, I’m sympathetic. But even if that is so, can’t someone get him off the TV or, at the very least, keep him from answering questions from grieving parents!?!?!

In this segment, Pat answers an age-old question from a mother who had just lost a 3 year old: why did God let this happen?

But, Pat gives the most mind-shatteringly bad answer anyone could possibly come up with. That God killed your child so he wouldn’t grow up to be Hitler!

Wait a second!?!  If that’s your logic, then why didn’t God kill Hitler or Stalin? You know, the babies that actually grew up to be Hitler and Stalin!! Maybe Pat Robertson’s version of God has really bad aim. Maybe God just realized he was letting too many Hitlers slip by and he needed to really ramp up the three year old killings.  But how do you explain when a roof falls on a church full of His worshippers? Were they all actually a bunch of potential Pol Pots??


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